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Living Basix has just come out with their new JetFry Oil Free Fryer that is designed to fry your favorite foods in a much healthier way.

The fryer uses both convection and infrared technology in cooking foods up to 400 degrees F., all without having to use a drop of oil. This new fryer has many different features and functions to make “frying” much easier for you or the entire family.

- Temperature controls are adjustable which allow you to cook a wide array of foods at just the right temperature

- Built-in programmable timer

- Foods fry more evenly throughout due to the infrared and convection technology

- Fryer can be used to bake or broil all kinds of meats and vegetables

- The fryer is enclosed which prevents unwanted odors and because it is oil free, there is no spattering of hot oil

- Exterior is cool-touch to prevent accidental burns

- Compact 13 x 10.5 x 14 inches size allows you to easily store it in tight spaces or leave on kitchen counter

- The basket and fry bowl are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after dinner.

This is cool deep fryer that is recommended for anyone who enjoys the tastes of fried foods, but would like to leave out the oil for more healthy eating.

 You can get one of these at the following vendors (prices vary):

Living Basix JetFry Oil Free Fryer LB100 (available now on Amazon)

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